Waxing By Alisha, The Happy Waxer

    601 Main Street #214


Waxing made Fun &Fast

BEFORE your wax:

~No TANNING! 48 hours before or after your wax appointment. Skin is too sensitive to wax afterward. If you have a sunburn we will need to reschedule.

~Exfoliate before your wax. This will help address any existing ingrown hairs ensuring a cleaner removal.

~Moisturize (with a natural moisturizer; grape seed & coconut are great). This will nourish your skin & ease your waxing experience.

~Avoid caffeine & alcohol. These are stimulants and can increase sensitivity. BAD! You can also take an anti-inflammatory as well to help swelling or redness that can occur.

DURING your wax:

~You must be a willing participant throughout your service, basically stay calm and please don't Scream. You might scare the lady with the wax, not good! I'm not easily offended & cursing or yelling "Kelly Clarkson", is completely acceptable.

~Don't worry I major in comfort and distraction!

It will be over before you know it!

AFTER your wax:


Wait 2 days after waxing and then do this on a daily basis. I recommend a natural bristle brush & mild soap. This sloughs off dead skin helping to prevent ingrown hairs.

~Redness or sensitivity are normal after a service, don't worry this will go away in 30 minutes to 24 hours.

~No sweating or hot showers/baths for 24 hours!

Hot temperatures can aggravate the skin so no saunas/steam rooms, working out, or anything that causes sweat, (yes being intimate is included).

This includes chlorinated or chemically treated water such as pools as well.

~No TANNING for 48 hours (or ever)

Natural sun or otherwise!

If you are getting a spray/airbrush tan, definitely get waxed first. This ok to have done just after waxing.

~Wear loose clothing, sensitive skin should breath!

Most Importantly


I use a clean applicator every time! For every wax! Regardless of the area.! I hold very high standards in cleanliness and uphold State Board expectations of sterilization and sanitation. No Exceptions!