Waxing By Alisha, The Happy Waxer

    601 Main Street #214


Waxing made Fun &Fast

My name is Alisha, I moved here from the Southwest in 2013 and decided I wanted to work for myself and provide a pretty awesome service at the same time. Crazy? Maybe. I chose this area for my love of the outdoors and ultimately my Lil' Sister. Fact of the matter is I like to make people happy and feel good. My work ethic is pretty simple: move with purpose (get the job done) in a clean sanitary environment, and treat people the way I want to be treated. Having worked in customer service for 20+ years I really pride myself on making people comfortable in any situation.

I have been an Esthetician since 2007 and have chosen waxing to specialize in. I have given Ladies thousands Brazilian waxes, & counting, as well as servicing hundreds of arms, legs, brows, backs, chests & lips. I love what I do and take in pride in every aspect of my business. Come in and let me show you waxing can be fun! You'll love the results!

Providing professional speed-waxing services in a safe, clean, and fun (Yes, I said FUN!) environment!